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National Shooting Championships

2016 Nationals June 26 - July 1 in Grand Island Nebraska


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2015 Nationals Info and Results

2016 4-H Shooting Sports Team





Tuesday - June 28th


Wednesday - June 29th


Thursday - June 30th

Air Pistol

1 - Kira Cherry

2 - Jessica Mitchell

3 - Hannah Speer

4 - Michael Key


Single Shot -Rapid Fire 


Air Pistol Silhouette


Slow Fire - Bullseye

Air Rifle

1 - Avery Roberts

2 - Preston Baker

3 - Maria Morrow

4 - Morgan Kaper


National STD Three-position Sporter Air Rifle


Sporter Air Rifle (Standing)


NRA Sporter Air Rifle Silhouette

Archery - Compound

1 - Jimmy Steed

2 - Madeline Rossler

3 - Garrett Puehler

4 - Alyssa Strain




Field Round



Archery - Recurve

1 - Michaela Key

2 - Molly Paul

3 - Kelly Rice

4 -


Field Round





Hunting & Wildlife

1 - Levi Merver

2 - Alex Behrendt

3 - Michael Steed

4 - John Milligan


Wildlife Identification and Game Management

LF – Archery


Hunter Decision-Making

 LF – Smallbore Rifle

Hunting Skills

LF – Sporting Clays


1 - Evan Pawlaczyk

2 - Raymond Kellenbauer

3 - Tim Kochevar

4 - Andy Kochevar


50 Yard Bullseye


25 Yard Novelty – Bottles and Haffner Critters Combo

Muzzleloading Rifle Silhouette

Smallbore Rifle

1 - Jillian Speer

2 - Austin Huffman

3 - Katrena Scaggs

4 - Josh Mitchell


NRA Smallbore Silhouette Rifle


CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle


NRA Three-Position

Smallbore Pistol

1 - Noah Gipson

2 - Jake Brewster

3 - Tom Augustyniak

4 - Moriah Combs


Slow-Fire Bullseye – Single Stage


Smallbore Hunter Pistol Silhouette 


Camp Perry Round (modified)



1 -TJ Baker

2 - Jacob Snyder

3 - Hannah Stinson

4 - Isaiah Smith


Sporting Clays - 100 rounds


Skeet - 100 rounds


Trap - 100 rounds

Range Officer Contact Information


Updates For 2016

Coaches and participants are reminded to check their specific discipline section in this Synopsis for NGB version of rules that will be implemented this year.

Food and drink may be brought to the Heartland Public Shooting Park but no food or drink may be brought into the Heartland Events Center or the Pinnacle Bank Expo Center. Food vendors will be available at the Heartland Public Shooting Park, Heartland Events Center and Pinnacle Bank Expo Center.

The Heartland Public Shooting Park allows use of golf carts, ATV’s, club cars and similar vehicles on site. Individuals can rent two seat golf carts from the Heartland Public Shooting Park for a fee of $50 per day. There are no half day rentals. Contact the Heartland Public Shooting Park (308.385.5048) directly if you are interested in renting a golfcart for the week. The request must be made by May 6, 2016 to guarantee availability. Operators of all vehicles, including privately owned, at the Heartland Public Shooting Park must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid driver’s license. Violation of this rule is grounds for disqualification for any individual or team involved.

No golf carts, ATV’s, club cars or similar vehicles will be allowed on the 3D and field archery ranges during competition this year.

Nebraska will be using the Megalink Target System for two of this year’s Air Rifle events and one Air Pistol event. The Orion scoring system will be used to score the Air Pistol Single Shot - Rapid Fire event.

The Air Pistol, Single Shot – Rapid Fire, a new event this, will be using a turning target system this year. Be sure to read the “Procedure” section in the synopsis.

All shotguns used by contestants must be equipped, fitted and utilized (i.e. shell catcher) so as not to eject empty shells in a manner that substantially disturbs or interferes with other contestants.

To order ammunition (mainly shotshell) ahead of time, contact the G.I. Loan Shop at (308)382-9573 (store) or Darlo Beazley at (308)379-1086 (cell) for specific questions you may have regarding ammunition purchases. All ammunition must pre-ordered by May 1st to guarantee availability of the ammunition by the time of the event.  Darlo has limited access to rimfire ammunition and would recommend competitors to purchase rimfire ammunition from another available source. G.I Loan Shop would accept and hold shipments of ammunition for competitors in this year’s event.

Game Calling has been included in the Wildlife Identification and Management section of the Hunting Skills event.

There will be an Air Rifle competitors meeting before the start of the tournament.

The Dress Code has been updated. See the General Rules for more details.



*Tentative Schedule of 2016 4-H Shooting Sports National Championships (this may change)


Sunday – June 26


4 -8:00 p.m.                 Registration & Equipment Check-in                  Fonner Park Concourse


Monday – June 27

8:00 - 10:00 a.m.         Registration & Equipment Check-in Continues – Fonner Park Concourse


10:30 a.m.                   Coaches Meeting at individual ranges conducted by Range Officers


12:00 p.m.                   Practice at Ranges                               (See Range Location Schedule)


3:00 – 4:00 p.m.          State Team Pictures for states beginning with letters A-M

                                                                                                            Heartland Events Center


4:00 – 4:45 p.m.          State Team Pictures for states beginning with letters N-S

                                                                                                            Heartland Events Center


4:30 p.m.                     State Teams assemble for opening ceremony             Concourse Area


5:00 p.m.                     Opening Ceremonies                                       Heartland Events Center


6:15 p.m.                     State Team Pictures continue  for states beginning with letters T-W

                                                                                                            Heartland Events Center

Tuesday- June 28


8:00 a.m.                Competition Begins                            (See Range Location Schedule)

Shotgun- Sporting Clays

Small Bore Rifle – NRA Silhouette Rifle     

Small Bore Pistol- Slow-Fire Bullseye

Air Rifle – 3-P Sporter Air Rifle

Air Pistol - Single Shot - Rapid Fire

Archery Compound - FITA

Archery Recurve - Field Round

Muzzleloading – 50 Yd. Bullseye

Hunting –Archery Shooting & Wildlife I.D. & Game Management

                              Practice immediately following competition –           (See Range Location Schedule)

 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.          Teen Social                                                                 Heartland Events Center



Wednesday- June 29


8:00 a.m.                     Competition begins                             (See Range Location Schedule)

                                    Shotgun - Skeet

                                    Small Bore Rifle – CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle         

                                    Small Bore Pistol – Hunter Pistol Silhouette

                                    Air Rifle – Sporter Air Rifle (Standing)

                                    Air Pistol - Silhouettes                       

                                    Archery Compound – Field Round

                                    Archery Recurve - FITA

                                    Muzzleloading - 25 Yd. Novelty – Bottles & Critters

                                    Hunting - Small Bore Rifle & Hunter Decision Making

                                    Practice immediately following competition (See Range Location Schedule)


7:30 p.m.                     Day 1 Awards & Silent Auction                      Heartland Events Center



Thursday- June 30


8:00 a.m.                     Competition Begins                            (See Range Location Schedule)

                                    Shotgun -Trap

                                    Small Bore Rifle – NRA 3-Position

                                    Small Bore Pistol – Camp Perry Round (modified)

                                    Air Pistol – Slow Fire Bullseye

      Air Rifle – NRA Sporter Air Rifle Silhouette

                                    Archery Compound – 3-D

                                    Archery Recurve – 3-D

                                    Muzzleloading - Silhouettes

                                    Hunting – Shotgun Shooting & General Hunting Skills


4:00 p.m.  Coaches Meeting at individual ranges conducted by Range Officers. Some of these meeting maybe held upon completion of the day’s event.


7:30 p.m.                     Day 2 Awards                                                 Heartland Events Center

9:00 – 11:00 p.m. Water Park Fun at Island Oasis



Friday- July 1


8:00a.m.- Noon           Day 3 & Overall Awards                                 Heartland Events Center

                                 Closing Ceremonies


To inquire about joining the 2017 team or for more information, visit us on Facebook.